Professional Services
The Dutch economy cannot function without business service providers like accountants, lawyers, civil-law notaries, tax consultants and trust offices. Services in this sector are increasingly coming under a microscope and are being regulated more intensively by Dutch, European and international legislators and regulators. This trend is likely to continue, partly due to the advent of various ESG obligations and stricter supervision.

Regulation and transparency

This development presents an opportunity for those business service providers who are able to keep up with this transition towards regulation and transparency. This transition offers a business service provider an opportunity to differentiate itself and create added value. Van Doorne is the law firm that supports and takes this sector forward in this transition.

Experience and involvement

Van Doorne is one of the few full-service firms that has focused specifically on the business services market for decades and therefore has both the legal expertise and the sector knowledge needed to assist business service providers in these turbulent times. Van Doorne uses its knowledge, experience and extensive network every day to move the sector forward. We assist business service providers on a daily basis in transactions, litigation, conducting internal and other kinds of investigations and providing advice on regulations and compliance.

Sector experts

Our sector experts are used to working together in multidisciplinary teams and acting in (sometimes parallel) proceedings before disciplinary, civil, administrative and criminal courts. In doing so, we take account of the social, publicity and political dimensions and always aim for the best possible long-term result.

As a firm, we are all about accessibility, perseverance, having a hands-on mentality and an efficient approach. We believe in long-term relationships, exchanging knowledge and experience and celebrating success together. This is how we build long-term relationships with our clients, with personal contact and mutual trust being paramount.