Victor Sol
Lawyer | Associate

Doing business is about making choices and Victor is the ideal sparring partner in this regard. Not just when choices still need to be made, but also when there is the risk of an impasse. Besides being a lawyer, Victor also studied to be an economist and is therefore better placed to translate the legal aspects into the financial and corporate world in which clients operate.

Victor is frequently involved in post-m&a disputes. Thanks to his experience in corporate law, Victor can make a difference both when drafting (purchase) agreements and in the event of (impending) claims afterwards. Victor also litigates before the Netherlands Enterprise Court, advises companies on their governance and assists clients in shareholder disputes.

Victor knows what an impact court cases can have and therefore tries to seek solutions outside the courtroom whenever possible. In doing so, he looks for solutions that not only settle the dispute but, above all, move the business forward. That said, Victor does not shy away from the courtroom and clients commend him for his clear arguments when litigation is required.