For the World
of tomorrow
Our Mission

Van Doorne navigates organizations through tomorrow's world.

Major transitions are on the horizon. The composition of the population is evolving, the climate is changing, power is changing hands ever faster and we are developing a new relationship between humans and technology.  


Those transitions are going to affect every sector. We are here to guide you through these transitions. Van Doorne’s lawyers, civil-law notaries and tax lawyers are all about accessibility, a focus on results and an efficient approach. We are pragmatic, straightforward and unfailingly committed.  


Together with you, we always look for the best solution.  


Van Doorne is already working for tomorrow today.  

Our People
We know change is done by people and our people make the difference for you.
Cara Pronk

Specialists who, with our multidisciplinary approach, together are greater than the sum of its parts.

 Victor   Cézanne   Diederik   Lisette   Roel   Leoni   Remco 
 Ivo   Jan   Lodewijk   Walter   Derk   Lotte   Nadine 
 Nina   Martijn   Tess   Your name?   Jan   Mark   Mark 
 Tom   Pim   Henry   Bart   Charlotte   Rogier   Anouk 
 Sophie   Yeliz   Barbara   Evert   Özer   Rosan