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    COVID-19: Van Doorne is at your service

    Our specialists are at your service in these challenging times. Here you will find answers to questions about the coronavirus (Covid-19) that have been asked a lot.
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    More on transferability and assignability of banks’ claims to non-banks and related duties of care

    A short update further to my contribution 'The Ceberus Van Lanschot NPL Sage continued – Attorney General: Assignment of loans to a non-bank entity is allowed, but duties op care apply' on this topic of 9 June 2020 last.
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    Steps organizations need to take for international data transfers following the Schrems II ruling

    The historic decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (Court) in Schrems II of 16 July 2020 has profound consequences on international data transfers. 
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    Proposal on exit-tax for Dutch dividend withholding tax in case of certain cross-border reorganisations

    On 10 July 2020, an opposition member of the parliament submitted a legislative proposal to introduce an exit-tax for Dutch dividend withholding tax purposes in case of cross-border reorganisations such as mergers, demergers, migrations and share-for-share exchanges. The exit tax consists of a 15% dividend withholding tax levy on the profit reserves available immediately prior to the reorganisation. 
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    Entry into force of the UBO register

    The UBO Registration Implementation Act (the "Act") was adopted by the Senate this week (23 June 2020). As a result, companies and other legal entities established in the Netherlands are obliged to register information about their ultimate beneficial owner(s) (UBOs) in the Dutch trade register. Existing and already registered entities are subject to a transitional period of 18 months. They must therefore have registered the information concerning their ultimate beneficial owner(s) with the Dutch trade register within 1.5 years after the date the Act became effective. Entities established after the date the Act became effective must register the information on the ultimate beneficial owner(s) upon their first registration in the Dutch trade register.
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    Van Doorne expands corporate practice with addition of partner Meltem Koning-Gungormez

    Van Doorne announces the addition of Meltem Koning-Gungormez [1981] as partner. The M&A lawyer focuses on mergers and acquisitions, private equity & venture capital and international restructurings, with a particular interest in the technology and retail sectors.
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    The Cerberus Van Lanschot NPL Saga continued - Attorney General: Assignment of loans to a non-bank entity is allowed, but duties of care apply

    Market parties with an interest in the Dutch non- and sub-performing loan market and their advisors have been awaiting the Dutch Supreme Court judgement in the latest episode of the Cerberus Van Lanschot saga for some time now. The questions put before the Dutch Supreme Court concerning the transferability of bank’s claims to non-banks and the duties of care imposed on sellers and buyers of such receivables are of interest to sellers and buyers of non- and sub-performing bank loans alike.
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