When your organisation faces reports of possible irregularities, criminal offences or violations of integrity, you can count on Van Doorne's expertise. We advise you on whether or not to conduct an investigation and what the best way of doing this is. We also conduct investigations ourselves. Efficient and careful fact-finding is always central to this.

Extensive experience, recognized specialists and an efficient and careful approach

Van Doorne assists clients when (potential) irregularities come to light,  whether this includes things like fraud, bribery or undesirable behaviour, international sanctions, human rights or greenwashing. Often, such issues come to light through internal signs or a whistleblower’s report, but an organisation or individuals may also face an information request from an authority or even a raid.  

The team’s complementarity and wide-ranging experience ensure that we can size up the (international) playing field well and that all interests are considered. We ensure that facts are investigated in a careful, controlled and efficient manner, either by our team or by a third party. This enables you to mitigate risks, take remedial action and make strategic choices.  

We always work in multidisciplinary teams that encapsulate the right mix of substantive expertise and experience in investigations, both in terms of implementation and in terms of legal and strategic advice. This allows us to assist you in the most complex investigations at home and abroad.  

What kind of investigation is appropriate will depend on the specific situation. Every organisation and every issue is unique and requires a tailored approach. We help you in times of crisis and as soon as your organisation’s reputation is at stake. Our long-term relationship with clients reflects our relational approach, our perseverance and our desire to celebrate success together.