Sanctions & Export Controls
International sanctions and export restrictions can have a major impact on your organisation's operations. Especially if the business focuses on supplying services or goods internationally. Our Sanctions & Export Controls specialists have extensive (international) experience in navigating the complex landscape of these regulations.

Your organisation may face international sanctions and export restrictions in different ways. Given the wide range of expertise within our Sanctions & Export Controls team, we can help you in any situation. In doing so, we do not lose sight of your organisation’s profile and the associated risk appetite.


We can advise you on the extent to which your organisation’s operations are affected by sanctions and export restrictions. In doing so, we can, for example, advise on an individual customer or transaction. Of course, we are also happy to think about how internal policies can help ensure compliance with sanctions and export restrictions.


If it is necessary to apply for an authorisation due to economic sanctions or export restrictions, we also have extensive experience in that area, both in the Netherlands and internationally.


If a regulator or the Public Prosecution Service accuses you of (possibly) not acting in line with sanctions or export restrictions, we can also help you. In that case, we can provide your organisation with assistance during the investigation and/or any subsequent proceedings. If necessary, we can find out exactly what is going on through an internal investigation, so that your organisation can take appropriate measures and defend itself in the best possible way.

Disputes with existing relations

In addition, existing contracts, for example with suppliers or customers, may become affected by economic sanctions or export restrictions. In civil law disputes that arise or are at risk of arising as a result, we represent the interests of your organisation. We can assist your organisation in the national courts or arbitral tribunals or, conversely, try to avoid you going to court at all.