Jan Leliveld
Neyah van der Aa
Lawyer | Partner

Neyah is an expert in complex, high-profile investigations by domestic and foreign authorities, such as FIOD, the Public Prosecution Service, the AFM and DNB. In particular, Neyah has extensive experience in anti-money laundering regulations, international sanctions and corruption. Most of Neyah’s clients are financial institutions, professional service providers (such as accountancy firms, trust offices, lawyers and civil-law notaries) as well as internationally operating corporates.

Neyah is a strategist. He is used to advising and litigating in unpredictable situations where his client’s future is at stake. To this end, he immerses himself not only in the file, but also in his client’s business processes, formal and informal relationships and culture. Neyah always keeps the wider social and political context of a case in mind, as well as the non-legal risks like negative publicity.

Coupled with his wide-ranging experience in boardrooms and his pragmatism and creativity, Neyah goes the extra mile to achieve the best outcome inside and outside the courtroom.