Criminal Law & Enforcement
Criminal law enforcement can have far-reaching consequences for businesses and individuals. Van Doorne assists clients when they are being faced with enforcement issues, which often have both administrative law and criminal law components. We have extensive national and international experience ranging from legal advice, to assistance in enforcement investigations and defence in court. 


Our lawyers differentiate themselves by combining their knowledge and experience with a practical “hands-on” approach. When the reputation of a company, public organisation, or individual is at stake or when strategic decisions need to be made in turbulent circumstances, our team is there for you. Our team is known for being bold, easy to work with and discreet. Regulators and the Public Prosecution Service see us as reliable and solution-oriented, but also as a formidable and substance-oriented opponent in court. We are available 24/7.

Integrated approach

Our team is part of the wider litigation practice. An integral approach is crucial for providing substantive, joint assistance in the areas of civil fraud, accountancy law and regulation, insurance law and asset recovery. As we work together, the right knowledge is always available and can be used and unlocked efficiently. The same joint approach exists more broadly within the firm and with other areas of expertise at Van Doorne, like employment law, the healthcare team, administrative law and privacy. This integrated approach is unique and makes all the difference in complex cases.