Energy, Industry & Renewables
The energy sector transition is in full swing. This provides opportunities, but also presents challenges and extensive projects for the sector. On the one hand, the sector is being asked to provide society with renewable energy and reduce CO2 emissions, whilst on the other, it has to meet growing demand and make energy available at all times. These disparate interests and the pace at which priorities are reassessed mean that the sector has to remain flexible and creative. You can expect the same of us.

Extensive experience

This is precisely why Van Doorne does not think in terms of areas of law, but is, rather, all about a project-based approach. In this regard, the sector’s needs are central. We work for utility companies, industrial market parties, project sponsors, financiers, investors and developers. Our wide range of experience with the many stakeholders in the sector means that we know and understand their objectives well. As a result, we speak the sector’s language, we are practical in finding solutions and can respond quickly to our clients’ needs.

Energy transition

Van Doorne is aware that the energy transition is having an impact on the issues facing the industry sector. Society is asking the industry to adapt to new realities, to the transitions of today and tomorrow. We see changes to ownership structures and market models arising and ensure that these are dealt with properly and implemented at our clients. For instance, we offer solutions to issues relating to the rise of decentralised energy generation and the possibility for consumers to produce their own energy.

A lot of topics, just as many challenges. Our multidisciplinary energy team is at the heart of the energy transition. Our project-based approach means that we offer customisation and results in a world characterised by market regulation and rapidly changing legislation. Van Doorne’s lawyers are your hands-on partners, coming up with creative and practical, applicable solutions.