Léone Klapwijk
Lawyer | Partner

It is certain that the agreements of the Paris Climate Accord will have to be adhered to, to prevent further global warming. The main commitments in this agreement are to aim for global warming of no more than 1.5°C compared to the target year 1990 and to reduce CO2 emissions by 49% by 2030.
To achieve these goals, cooperation is key. This is also where Léone’s strength lies. In her advice, she offers flexible and creative tailored solutions giving clients something to take them further in practice. Léone’s distinctive ability to maintain an overview in multidisciplinary legal issues is also an important core quality.
Léone acts for various parties operating in or on the sidelines of the energy sector, like heating companies, renewable energy project developers, investors, battery storage developers, state-owned companies, data centres and parties in distribution centres and real estate.
Léone is practical and very solution-oriented. She combines these skills with years of experience in and knowledge of the full breadth of the energy market. From renewable energy and the energy infrastructure, to supply and consumption. These qualities, combined with her warm personality and drive to commit herself fully to the client, are the basis for a lasting relationship with her clients. Léone is at her best when she can work to find creative solutions to complex issues in a team with clients.

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