The energy sector is diverse and in continuous flux. We take a multi-disciplinary and highly practical approach to our mandates. We do so on the basis of sound sector-experience and with a view to provide actionable advice.


High levels of service and a collaborative approach are key to our proposition. We are also no-nonsense and practical. Energy-issues demand an integrated technical expertise, legal skills and – if need be – political assessments in order to be solved successfully. We thus appreciate that it all not merely comes down to offering legal perspectives. We bring the right skillsets to the table – through our sector knowledge and experience.

Hence, at Van Doorne, our transactional, regulatory and contentious experts work in integrated teams. If need be, we engage advocates, tax-lawyers and civil law notaries from other practice areas, such as finance. This enhances the quality of our offering and is also cost-efficient.

Sector-specific laws, regulations and the impact of the ‘energy-transition’

Sector-specific laws and regulations see frequent amendment. This offers challenges to which the increase in the tempo of the ‘energy-transition’ adds. Our multi-disciplinary teams are in tune with this dynamic and are thus able to both identify chances and deal with challenges in an optimal fashion.

Exploration & Production (oil, gas and mining)

Exploration and production continue to be of cardinal importance to the energy sector in the decades to come. We advise, and act for, clients on regulatory issues, transactions and proceedings (in the state courts and in arbitration). This we do in respect of oil and gas projects but also on mining, for example in investment arbitration work.

Energy distribution & supply

Our specialists hold considerable experience with advising and acting for network operators, industrial parties and suppliers – in all sorts of proceedings. We are also involved in the design of regulations and assessment of the impact thereof. To this, we add broad experience with drafting sector specific contractual documentation.


Of course, energy is key to industrial parties – in the Netherlands and elsewhere. We work on energy-reduction projects and transitions to sustainable energy supplies, including residual heat and hydrogen. Consequently, we hold broad experience on the EU-ETS, co-siting, CCS, energy contracts, planning and environmental issues.

Energy transition & Renewables

We act for many commercial, (semi-)state and governmental entities (at both the central and lower levels of government) in connection with renewable energy projects. These projects include heating-projects; district heating (common in some of the larger Dutch cities); geothermal; wastewater and other water supplies; and thermal energy storage systems. On these issues, we also act for real estate developers and we cover finance-related issues. We hold considerable experience on construction laws and environmental and zoning issues.