Yannie Lam
Lawyer | Senior Associate

It is clear that something has to be done if we want to meet the national and international climate goals of 2030 and 2050.
This will require close and cross-sectoral collaboration. This is also immediately where Yannie’s strength lies. With a unique blend of communication skills, empathy and keen understanding of human interactions, she offers expert advice and assistance. When drafting corporate and project agreements, she takes account of the human aspects and the often complex interests at play, especially in the energy sector where parties regularly encounter one another.

Her experience in high-profile M&A transactions in the energy sector, and in leading and supervising transactions, restructurings, setting up joint ventures and other forms of collaboration in this sector, enable her to provide her clients with flexible, well-considered and creative tailored solutions that will help them move forward in practice. Her ability to maintain an overview in complex, multidisciplinary and cross-border issues is an important and valuable core quality.
Yannie acts for various parties that operate in the energy sector, including energy suppliers, heating and drinking water companies, industrial market parties, project sponsors, financiers, investors, state-owned companies, and (innovative) developers.