Daan ter Braak
Civil-Law Notary | Partner

Daan excels at overseeing complex situations involving various perspectives. Daan listens to the other party, and brings creativity and incisiveness to bear in the discussion and will offer dissent when this is necessary to achieve the best result.

In his daily practice, Daan acts for investors, supervisory board members, C-suite members and other key stakeholders. Daan has an in-depth knowledge of corporate law, corporate governance and (inter)national structures. Daan has a proven track record of ensuring the implementation of (management) buyouts, joint ventures, acquisitions and divestments.

With his energy, positive mindset and project-based acumen, Daan is a directional advisor for clients. He understands the – not always parallel – interests of the stakeholders involved and, together with his team, creates added value by coming up with solutions. Always keeping an eye on the human factor.