Cihan Erdogan
Lawyer | Associate

Cihan possesses a unique combination of communication skills, empathy and a keen understanding of human interactions.

Clients rely on Cihan’s expertise and integrity. He has an honest and transparent style of communication, making others feel at ease sharing their concerns and questions with him. Cihan does not shy away from honest conversation, asking tough questions when this is necessary to move his clients forward, but always with respect and understanding. His reliability as an advisor stems from his dedication to helping others and his ability to make objective and well-informed decisions. With a keen eye for detail and an in-depth knowledge of the relevant subject matter, Cihan is committed to looking after clients’ interests.

Moreover, Cihan is a person with admirable traits and a strong work ethic, and he largely attributes this to his personal beliefs and philosophy of life. His dedication to his principles of kindness, perseverance and altruism has shaped him into the person he is today. These deep-rooted values not only guide his life, but also inspire others around him. Cihan exudes an inner strength that stems from his beliefs, subtly but significantly influencing his interactions and relationships with others.