Real Estate & Construction
The real estate and construction sector always keeps reinventing and evolving. Sustainability is high on society's agenda, with a focus on energy-efficient buildings and reducing the ecological impact of both construction and the use of real estate. Environmental standards and ESG requirements increasingly determine whether and how we can build and whether real estate remains attractive to investors and financiers.

Demographic transition

The demographic transition means that our family composition is changing, we are living longer and moving more to the city. This is having an undeniable impact on existing housing and future construction projects. The transformation of existing buildings is needed to combat empty housing and to become future-proof.

Experience and involvement

These circumstances present opportunities. Van Doorne helps its clients seize those opportunities and be successful. We know the real estate sector and the parties operating within it, whether they are public authorities, builders, developers, investors, tenants or financiers. Our experience advising all these stakeholders means that we know and understand well the objectives of all stakeholders in the market. This allows us to anticipate problems, manage legal and reputational risks and find workable solutions for you. We guide your project with our team of specialists tailored to your organisation. Our team always makes sure that you can move forward.

Practical and result-oriented

Our specialist knowledge is a basic fact. Our approach practical and result-oriented. That approach determines the line along which we help choose the right strategy, advise and draft and negotiate contracts. If (nevertheless) things still come to a repositioning or a dispute, we will stand up for our clients. Our extensive experience in restructurings, complex proceedings and arbitration in the real estate sector means that our experts can see beyond the legal problem and can easily interact with all stakeholders.

Van Doorne is happy to be your strategic advisory partner in this constantly evolving and socially relevant sector. We are all about accessibility, perseverance, having a hands-on mentality and an efficient approach. We believe in long-term relationships with our clients and with other parties relevant to them, exchanging knowledge and experience and celebrating success together. Personal contact and mutual trust are paramount in this regard.