Jeanette Ozinga
Lawyer | Advisor

Jeanette Ozinga is a specialist in environmental law and has been advising and litigating on all topics in that area of law since 1991. She always keeps up to date on current affairs, for instance in areas like waste treatment, water quality, emissions, nitrogen and energy transition.

As befits a good lawyer, Jeanette Ozinga will always fight for her clients’ interests. Due to her years of experience, she gets to the point quickly and can distinguish main issues from minor ones. Given the increased awareness of the impact that business activities have on the environment, she also highlights, in an advisory and critical way, the issues that are at the fore in environmental law, to her clients who are mainly companies. In this way, she can also advise clients strategically and structurally on business operations in general.

Clients and colleagues, but also the engineering firms that need to be engaged when working in environmental law, rely on her expertise and years of experience and regularly consult her for advice and insights. One of Jeanette Ozinga’s real strengths lies in the fact that her advice is packaged in plain language and ‘bullshitting’ is not accepted.