Philip Juttmann
Lawyer | Counsel

Philip specialises in European and national procurement law. He advises and litigates on a variety of procurement law issues.

Philip has extensive experience in supervising procurement procedures, particularly those relating to public transport and infrastructure projects. In doing so, he not only monitors compliance with the complex procurement rules, but he also keeps an eye on the client’s procurement goals and political-administrative sensitivities.

In addition to procurement law, Philip has extensive experience in general administrative law, public transport law, European law and WTO law, among other things. Philip is co-author of the standard work ‘Sdu Commentaar Aanbestedingsrecht’ (commentary on procurement law) and ‘Sdu Tekst & Toelichting Aanbestedingswet’ (text and explanatory notes on the Procurement Act). Philip frequently publishes and lectures on procurement law topics.