Government & Regulation
Our experts are familiar with public law, administrative law, procurement law, competition law, privatisations in the public and semi-public sector and collaborations between the public, semi-public and private domains, among other things. In addition, we are experts on state aid and Van Doorne is the firm of the State Advocate. From these areas of expertise, we act for a lot of clients in the Healthcare & Life Sciences, education and housing corporation sectors. This means that we are accustomed to advising and litigating within the framework of sectoral laws and regulations.

Recognized team and extensive experience

We see clients facing major transitions: demographic changes, shifts in (economic) power/wealth, accelerated urbanisation, climate change and resource scarcity as well as technological changes. We are happy to guide our clients through this using our knowledge and experience.

Taking the education sector as an example, we see that these transitions are being translated into specific issues: how can buildings in the education sector be made more sustainable (in an affordable way) and how can they then tie in with changing learning concepts? With changing demographics, how can pupil flows be matched to the schools that are available? How can a regional solution be found for staff shortages without VAT being levied as a result? In what way can schools set up long-term curricula that focus on more than (just) getting a diploma? Questions we at Van Doorne find answers to, together with our clients.