Public Services
The Netherlands has a solid, well-organised, public sector. The quality of our institutions is high. This contributes to society's stability and the strength of our country. Much is also expected of the sector. Public institutions have to work on complex issues in areas like climate change, demographic trends, technological disruptions and (global) power shifts. At the same time, the sector needs to improve its services to citizens, respond to change and provide solutions to pressing issues in our society.


Van Doorne is there to assist public institutions with the transitions they are working on. When the stakes are high, and a trusted adviser of integrity is required, and when no precedents are available, Van Doorne is at its best. We have extensive experience advising the sector and understand the unique challenges it faces.

Experience and involvement

Within this sector, Van Doorne advises on a wide variety of matters. We have extensive experience within the culture, health and education sectors. We assist our clients with governance & regulatory issues, disputes and transactions, procurement procedures and investigations. We offer support in financing issues and assist in projects and transactions related to a public task or function.

Proven track record

We have a proven track record when it comes to successfully setting up and implementing public-private partnerships. We know better than anyone the dynamics of this form of cooperation and the interests and requirements of the stakeholders involved. This allows us to anticipate problems, manage legal and reputational risks and find workable solutions.

What binds Van Doorne to the sector is its conviction in wanting to invest in and contribute to the public good. We know the importance of investing in education, healthcare, the arts and culture. This contributes to the resilience and strength of our society and ensures equal opportunities for all.

As a firm, we like to use our extensive knowledge and relationship network to assist our clients in the best way in times of change. We build lasting relationships, in which personal contact and mutual trust are paramount, every day. That is our strength.