Food & Agri
Parties in the chain of the increasingly strictly regulated Food & Agri sector are constantly facing challenges that need to be overcome. Whilst the regulatory burden was already high due to the high requirements set for product safety, packaging and labelling, the focus on climate and sustainability (ESG) is forcing the industry to shift and/or broaden its focus.

Innovative Technologies 

Innovative technologies and novel foods, like meat substitutes, are being introduced. Reducing plastic, promoting recycling and producing locally; these things are all high up on the agenda. It is therefore a given that the sector is in transition. Climate change, the energy transition, increasing digitisation and regulatory pressures are undeniably affecting the Food & Agri sector. 

Experience & Involvement 

Our Tier-1 Food & Agrisector team has accumulated years of experience with the issues at play in this fascinating sector. On a daily basis, we ensure that parties in the chain are and remain compliant with the current and ever-growing jungle of national and international food and agri regulations. In doing so, we act for all parties involved in the supply chain; from producers and suppliers of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products to processors of animal by-products.   

Full Service 

Van Doorne assists its clients with food safety and product liability issues, (international) recalls, enforcement disputes with regulators like the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), and competition issues. We draft commercial contracts: from distribution and franchise contracts to terms and conditions of sale and supply. We act for all kinds of companies in the food and agri sector in our transaction practice.  

We do so with a hands-on mentality, by taking an efficient approach and by using understandable language. We believe in long-term relationships, exchanging knowledge and experience and celebrating success together. This is how we build long-term relationships with our clients, with personal contact and mutual trust being paramount.