Thomas Dasselaar
Tax Lawyer | Senior Associate

Thomas is a proverbial rock and possesses a unique combination of communication skills, empathy and a keen understanding of human interactions. As a result, he gets to the heart of his clients’ tax issues and knows how to convert them efficiently into solutions, where necessary in coordination with the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration.

Due to his keen interest in (international) tax policy documents and how they translate into concrete legislation for his clients, Thomas has built up years of experience in the field of tax governance & transparency. This makes him a valuable partner for companies, (pension) funds and investors who need to be in control of their tax position in a changing world.

Thomas gets excited about tax & tech and, among other things, has specific expertise in crypto assets and taxation, which he regularly speaks about at conferences. He was posted to our London office in 2019-2020 and in addition to fluent English he speaks business French.