Optimal financing often requires customisation and a mix of different forms of finance. Traditional banks have long since ceased to be the only providers of this. The role of funds and other institutional parties that act as direct lenders is increasing, as is that of providers of leasing and factoring solutions as well as financing platforms. Van Doorne's finance team specialises in finding the optimal funding mix and managing its implementation. The team assists both lenders and borrowers in national and international finance transactions. 

Proven track record

Our finance team’s practice is among the leading finance practices in the Netherlands. The team consists of specialists who have many years of experience in structuring and negotiating complex finance matters. They know the market and the market knows them. The team uses its network to bring parties together.

Corporate finance, semi-public and real estate finance

The team has an impressive track-record in corporate finance, including in financing acquisitions, working capital and investments in capital assets. Our team is a leader when it comes to finance and the semi-public sector (hospitals, educational institutions and drinking water companies).  In addition, Van Doorne has one of the largest real estate finance practices in the Netherlands.

Non-bank financing

One of the team’s specific areas of focus is non-bank finance. The team advises non-bank financiers on market access, attracting funding from the market, product development and compliance with financial regulatory law. We are permanent advisers to some of the largest lenders and intermediaries of non-bank finance in the Dutch market.