Pension Law
The pension industry is always evolving; there is the transition to the new pension system, the increased willingness to litigate, changes to the outsourcing chain, the pressure of obligations, intensified supervision, further professionalisation of the sector, far-reaching governance requirements and sometimes a mismatch between accrued value and expectations.

Van Doorne’s experience with pension law 

Van Doorne is the partner for companies and pension funds, pension insurers, regulators and pension providers for pension issues. We have also pooled experience and knowledge from related areas of law and sectors in our team. We handle legal issues pragmatically and precisely, with a keen eye for the interests and the non-legal side of the case, in order to achieve the best result together. Read more about our services to these institutions in the information about our Pension Team. 

We specialise in advising and supporting pension providers, pension funds and employers on legal pension issues. Our expertise covers a wide range of topics: changes to pension schemes, coordination with social partners, drafting contracts with service providers, assisting in proceedings and disputes, governance and recording the details in notarial or other instruments, the position employers have vis-à-vis industry-wide pension funds, exemptions and exceptions, disputes with service providers, proceedings on the interpretation of pension commitments and pension regulations and, for example, employee participation and the pension aspects of mergers and acquisitions. Regardless of your specific needs, we are ready to help you with your pension-related issues.