Frederike van Harskamp
Candidate Civil-Law Notary | Senior Associate

Frederike is primarily active in the semi-public sector. In particular, she advises and supports organisations in the charity sector (charities and equity funds), educational institutions and industry associations. Frederike is a specialist on associations, foundations and public benefit organisations (PBOs). Using her knowledge, insight and years of experience,

Frederike advises organisations on governance structures and governance models that fit their specific needs and goals.
Clients rely on Frederike’s expertise and integrity. She has an open and transparent style of communication, making others feel at ease sharing their concerns and questions with her. Frederike does not shy away from honest discussions, asking tough questions when this is necessary to move her clients forward, but always with respect and understanding. Her reliability as an advisor stems from her dedication to helping others and her ability to make objective and well-informed decisions.

Frederike’s strengths are listening, providing a quick solution-oriented service and making teams stronger.
She is also (socially) committed, competent, thorough, eager to learn and accurate. People know they can count on Frederike for valuable advice.
Frederike has been a member of the help desk of Goede Doelen Nederland (good causes) for many years and regularly teaches directors, supervisory directors and board secretaries of public/semi-public institutions.