Educational Law
Van Doorne assists educational organisations and public authorities in answering strategic and legal issues. Van Doorne's team consists of closely cooperating, specialised lawyers from different disciplines.


Knowledge portfolio

We deal a lot with board transfers, mergers, demergers and internal structuring. In doing so, we work from a broad spectrum of relevant expertise, with a focus on sectoral (education) law, tax law, employment law and civil law. In addition, we also deal a lot with issues around collaboration, governance and the interrelationships between directors (internal and external) and external regulators as well as employee participation. We have extensive knowledge in the field of integrity and ethics, and also frequently deal with reviews and the accreditation of study programmes, grants from NWO (Dutch Research Council), KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) and other knowledge institutes, coordinating bodies as well as questions around funding conditions for education and research.

Understanding challenges

Van Doorne has years of experience in assisting funded and non-funded education organisations, across the entire sector: from childcare and primary education, to secondary, vocational and higher education. The experts in our Education Law team understand the political-administrative trends and policy cycles, and are aware of the societal challenges you face. We are engaged by institutions, public authorities and umbrella organisations, among others.