Healthcare & Life Sciences
The Healthcare & Life Sciences sector faces major societal, technological and legal challenges. Demographic trends like population growth, an ageing population and urbanisation are putting increasing pressure on the already heavily burdened sector.

Technological developments

Technological and innovative developments allow for more comprehensive and more personal services as well as precision medicine. This offers great benefits for patients, but also creates challenges and questions about data integration, interoperability and privacy.

Experience and involvement

Our specialists in the Healthcare & Life Sciences team are among the leaders in the sector. We are proud of that. Van Doorne uses its expertise, experience and extensive network every day to move the sector forward. Our goal is to work with our clients towards the best possible solution. A solution that is applicable in practice and always legally conclusive. In this regard, we maintain a sharp focus on both the commercial and societal interests that are closely intertwined in this sector.

Full service

Van Doorne has set up its Healthcare & Life Sciences team in such a way that we take a project-based approach to our clients’ issues. Where our clients face change, transitions and turmoil, we provide an action plan, the solution and peace of mind. Our team negotiates contracts between insurers and healthcare providers, also assisting in the private equity investments and merger and acquisition processes of hospitals and other healthcare providers. In daily practice, we advise on the deployment of technology, compliance issues and governance models and have a proven track record in protecting patient privacy.

We are all about perseverance and having a hands-on mentality. We believe in long-term relationships, exchanging knowledge and experience and celebrating success together. This is how we build long-term relationships with our clients, with personal contact and mutual trust being paramount.