Bart van Reeken
Louis Jonker
Lawyer | Counsel

Louis is a leading expert on technology and law. His approach to cases is characterised by pragmatism, reliability and a deep understanding of the subject matter. Clients appreciate his personal approach, whereby he translates legal issues into understandable language and fosters human interaction.

In his daily practice, Louis assists clients with their business-critical IT projects, with a focus on applications in the public/semi-public sector and the healthcare sector. He excels at providing practical solutions and strategic collaborations around the implementation of (disruptive) technologies and complex data issues. Louis is actively engaged in addressing issues around AI and the Cloud.

Known for his focus, flexibility and in-depth knowledge, Louis is commended for his ability to address complex legal issues in an understandable and practical manner. He is a reliable partner for all your technological and legal issues, with a strong affinity for the underlying technologies and business processes involved.