Although outsourcing IT or telecommunications facilities or even entire business processes offers several benefits, there are also risks attached. The key is to adequately protect yourself from the risks to ensure that you are actually able to enjoy the envisaged benefits. Our outsourcing experts will be happy to help you do just that.

Crucial issues

Outsourcing IT or telecommunications facilities, or even entire business processes (such as procurement functions, facilities management and accounting), offers several potential benefits. These include cost savings, greater flexibility and scalability, as well as access to specific knowledge and experience that may contribute to quality improvements and/or innovation.

Agreements governing the outsourcing of IT-related or administrative services are often complicated because they are usually entered into for three or more years, while your needs are bound to change during that period. The agreement should not only provide for this, but should also be phrased in such a way as to ensure that even when you are stuck in such a long-term relationship, you are still in a good negotiating position.

Extensive experience

Our outsourcing team has decades of experience with all types of outsourcing transactions, from application development to SaaS services, from ITO to BPO of procurement, finance and HR functions, and from securities processing to facilities management and telecommunications. The team may operate at a national level, but it mostly works at an international or even global level, with transaction values ranging from a few million euros to hundreds of millions of euros and sometimes more. Our clients come from all kinds of sectors: financial institutions, manufacturing, consumer goods, logistics, retail, TMT, healthcare, the public sector and gaming. We also publish on this topic and teach about it.

Effective and swift negotiations

We support you in creating long-term, effective and value-based outsourcing relationships with your suppliers, for example by drafting contract documents that provide flexibility and guarantee quality. We have developed a highly effective and fast negotiation method that leads to solid contracts, with our clients appreciating our pragmatic, targeted approach. We constantly aim to strike a balance between certainty and practicability.

Outsourcing disputes

Unfortunately, outsourcing relationships do not always bring what the parties expected from them at the start, and sometimes they even lead to disputes about the performance of an agreement and/or the quality of services provided. The failure to adequately anticipate legislative initiatives or technological changes is another subject of frequent dispute. We regularly act in such disputes. We may be engaged in out-of-court dispute resolution, which includes assistance in mediation and settlement negotiations, but we are also happy to defend your interests in court proceedings and in arbitration.