Sjoerd Kamerbeek
Lawyer | Managing Partner

Sjoerd helps clients in disputes and proceedings that go to the heart of their existence. When his clients’ mission comes under pressure, Sjoerd goes to great lengths to defend it.

Sjoerd is a corporate law strategist with an undeniable talent for getting to the bottom of complex situations. As an economist, Sjoerd understands his clients’ business models and is able to translate financial analyses and scenarios into legal arguments. As an adviser on shareholder and takeover disputes, Sjoerd does not shy away from the bold approach. He is convinced that real progress can only be achieved by breaking through the boundaries of conventional thinking.

On a personal level, Sjoerd strives to have a positive and sustainable impact on his surroundings and thus society as a whole. Sjoerd embraces truth as the most powerful weapon for growth and progress.