Corporate Governance
Management and supervision within both companies and the public/semi-public sector require a high degree of professionalism and a proactive attitude. At Van Doorne, we aim to work with you to bolster sound administration, supervision and robust governance. This commitment is at the heart of our services and aims to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of your organisation.

Changing context

In an ever-changing world, governance and compliance requirements are constantly evolving, both nationally and internationally. An effective approach requires an integrated strategy that combines legal expertise with reflection and pragmatism. Our approach is aimed not only at meeting current standards, but also preparing you for future challenges.

Governance and supervision specialists

Our team consists of governance and supervision specialists who provide pragmatic and clear advice on a wide range of issues. This includes legal structuring, navigating conflicts of interest, addressing shareholder activism, developing strategies against hostile takeovers, and facilitating both internal and external supervision. We also offer expertise on remuneration policies, (self-)evaluation, reporting requirements and reporting.

We understand the importance of an organisational culture and behaviour that support governance principles. Our services include promoting legal awareness, compliance, adherence and enforcement, as well as managing risks in order to prevent financial and reputational damage. Our integrated approach and specialisation in governance and supervision enable us to offer not just legal advice, but a complete governance solution that will sustain the resilience and success of your organisation.