The retail sector is constantly evolving and undergoing change. Pressure on margins, rising (operating) costs, sustainability, the rise of white and private labels, online sales that threaten some brick-and-mortar shops whilst stimulating others, and the increasing influence of regulators. These are just a few examples of the ongoing developments facing the retail sector.

A Dynamic Sector 

The dynamics of the retail sector present companies with a variety of legal issues. Being able to tackle those issues in a timely and efficient manner is essential for staying ahead of the competition and keeping the company financially sound. Van Doorne’s highly experienced Retail team helps its clients to do just that.  

Experience & Involvement 

We have long been the leading law firm for the Dutch retail sector. Van Doorne is distinct in that it has all the legal expertise and experience relevant to the retail sector in-house. Within those expertises, no legal work is foreign to us. For instance, we help draft appropriate and comprehensible contracts and notarial deeds, provide clear and concise advice, and help you think through a wide range of legal-strategic issues and processes (like the confirmation of private restructuring plans (WHOA) and refinancing) if the company has unexpectedly run into financial difficulties. We also have extensive experience litigating in court, in arbitration settings and in mediation. Where necessary, our lawyers, civil-law notaries and tax specialists work together closely. 

Trusted Advisor 

We are proud to count all types of businesses in the retail sector as clients. For instance, we act for manufacturers and suppliers (both food and non-food), distributors, franchisors and franchisees, online platforms and online sellers, supermarkets, logistics service providers, transporters, commercial landlords, the hospitality industry, lenders, etc. Our broad industry presence means that we know how our clients, counterparties and regulators think. As a result, we are ideally placed to stand by the company and to help think about strategies as a trusted advisor. Van Doorne always works towards a solution, whatever the problem or issue. This is what characterises us. 

International Network 

Much of our work in the retail sector is cross-border. That is why we maintain close working relationships with reputable law firms all over the world that are active in all the relevant areas of law. This way, you can rest assured that we can take the burden off your hands even in cases with an international aspect. We not only engage colleagues abroad if there is reason to do so, but we are also regularly asked by foreign law firms to assist them, and our international network always keeps us up-to-date on international developments. 

Our Retail team is characterised by business commitment and up-to-date insight into the retail industry, short lines of communication and a pragmatic approach. By combining that with our broad expertise and years of experience, we can work for you in a focused, expert and efficient way. No matter how complex or challenging the case.