Elisabeth Thole
Lawyer | Partner

Elisabeth, a distinguished privacy lawyer recognized in the “Hall of Fame,” is known for her exceptional responsiveness, sharp insights, and impeccable organization. In high-pressure situations, such as major data breaches or compensation claims, she stands ready to provide assistance without hesitation.

Whether handling crucial advisory requests, complex claims, or navigating regulatory challenges, Elisabeth prioritizes delivering top-tier, practical support. While client interests are her foremost concern, qualities like integrity, respect, and humor also characterize her. For Elisabeth, cases are not merely files; she excels in fostering a profound bond of trust with her clients.

As one of the pioneering IT lawyers in the Netherlands, she transitioned to privacy law during its earliest stages. With her visionary approach, Elisabeth possesses a keen sense of discernment for what truly matters. Her advice is crafted with an acute awareness of how to make intricate regulations remain accessible and actionable for her clients.