Privacy & Data
With its proactive approach and practical advice, our Privacy & Data Team helps you to navigate the complex landscape of privacy and data regulations. We offer tailored solutions to your privacy challenges and have successfully handled cases involving extensive data breaches, claims, investigations and proceedings involving a big impact on businesses.


Investigations by supervisory authorities, such as information requests or enforcement actions that may lead to reputational damage, claims and fines, can have a significant impact on your business. With our extensive experience, we provide effective guidance during supervisory actions and investigations.

Data breaches

As cybersecurity attacks become increasingly sophisticated, we use our vast experience, swift availability and hands-on approach to help organisations respond appropriately to high-profile data breaches and mitigate potential risks as much as possible.

Assistance with collective and other claims

With considerable experience, we provide strategic support in collective as well as other claims.

Managing innovation risks

Given the increasing use of complex algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we understand the challenges of technological developments that businesses are facing. We provide support for the sustainable implementation of innovative technologies, whilst ensuring that existing processes are not hindered.

We take pride in maintaining long-term relationships with leading national and international companies and other businesses. Find out how we can become your valuable legal partner in the intricate realm of privacy and data.