Willemijn Jansen
Lawyer | Counsel

Clients rely on Willemijn’s expertise, market knowledge and practical approach. She guides her clients by using her in-depth understanding of the complex issues in the field of civil real estate law and, more specifically, tenancy law. Willemijn focuses on substance and quality. She is able to identify legal options and the follow-up steps succinctly whilst always keeping an eye on clients’ commercial and social interests. Her years of experience, broad-based knowledge and knowledge of the broader real estate market and the markets of the sectors in which she operates, make her a worthy and indispensable partner in the exploitation of real estate, in the broadest sense.

Willemijn is pragmatic and creative. She is able to solve complex problems creatively and effectively. Her ability to understand and integrate different perspectives, combined with her analytical content-oriented thinking and empathy, enable her to find innovative and long-term solutions.

Willemijn is socially engaged and socially driven. She believes that her social involvement and commitment, combined with her positive energy and dedication, contribute undeniably to her qualities as a lawyer.