Business Conduct & Compliance
With the (in-house) experience and diversity of our team, we are able to provide our clients with substantive and to-the-point legal advice on business conduct, codes of conduct and integrity issues.

Recognized team and extensive experience

We help our clients improve and strengthen their internal policies and (the governance around) codes of conduct and whistleblower and other reporting schemes, both in the Netherlands and worldwide. We are often asked to review internal procedures or to be an ‘extra pair of eyes’ for legal and compliance and integrity committees.

We understand the societal challenges faced by organisations and the dynamics involved. A solid business conduct / compliance framework can help you make your organisation resilient to risks; whether these relate to integrity, fraud or human rights, both in your own organisation and in the chain.  ESG developments play an important role in this regard.

Our team differentiates itself in the market through its combination of experience in and out of the legal profession, at multinationals, in the public/semi-public sector and at non-profit organisations/NGOs. We are looked to for advice on prevention, mitigation and remediation, and as a trusted partner and sounding board when integrity or ethical issues arise. Van Doorne’s personal and pragmatic approach is appreciated and seen by our clients.

We know better than anyone how challenging it is to get and keep the multitude of topics that fall under business conduct on management and supervisors’ agenda. Stakeholder management is also something we take account of when issuing our advice. Culture change does not just happen in a few weeks, it takes years. The Van Doorne team would be happy to take up this challenge with you.