Pieter de Jong Schouwenburg
Lawyer | Counsel

Pieter is quick and pragmatic.

Pieter runs a litigation and advisory practice with a focus on commercial disputes and insurance-related matters. Pieter advises insurers on a wide range of matters and represents their interests and those of their insured parties in (complex) professional liability issues and disciplinary cases against – for the most part – lawyers, civil-law notaries and tax specialists. He knows better than anyone who in Van Doorne has the right expertise to cut through complicated knots quickly, regardless of whether this involves, for example, tax law, corporate law or real estate issues.

Pieter is a member of the Amsterdam Bar Council and volunteers as secretary of the disputes committee of the KNSB (Royal Dutch Skating Federation) and various institutions that represent – pro bono – art, culture, charity in general and housing for the less fortunate elderly in particular.

According to Pieter, a legal professional cannot properly practice the profession without constantly asking himself what is right. Primarily looking at the interest of the individual client but never without a moral compass. In the public interest in a respectable professional practice and therefore, by definition, in the client’s interest.