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Cara Pronk
Pieter van Regteren Altena
Lawyer | Advisor

Pieter specialises in liability law and insurance law. He is particularly interested in the liability of medical professionals including medical disciplinary law. With Pieter’s involvement on a file, there is a guarantee that analyses will be well-considered. He is a true fount of information and a reliable mainstay within the team.

In his career, Pieter has gained a daunting amount of litigation experience, and he puts that experience to use as an advisor at Van Doorne. His aim is to turn his experience into a curriculum for Van Doorne’s younger lawyers. Colleagues rely on his expertise and regularly consult him for advice and insights. Pieter is a creative thinker, and has a proven track-record in seeing legal opportunities.

Pieter strives to have a positive impact on society. He has long held a series of positions in the organisation of the national Bar Association and the Amsterdam Bar Association, where he was dean from 2013 to 2018.

Pieter knows better than anyone else that the lawyer gives the parties seeking justice access to that justice, and wants to pass on the importance of this to future generations of lawyers. His social commitment not only makes him a versatile lawyer, but also an inspiring example for others in his profession.