Annemieke Hendrikse
Lawyer | Partner

Annemieke’s work is all about risks. Risks that directors have to take. Risks that insurers may or may not want to insure.

Annemieke is known for her expertise in directors’ liability. Directors and supervisory directors know to come to her for advice in the event of financial and other difficulties and for defending claims by receivers, creditors and other parties.

As a recognised insurance expert, Annemieke handles coverage disputes for and between insurers. She does so, in particular, in the field of liability insurance, including directors’ and professional liability insurance, fraud and cyber insurance.

That does not mean that Annemieke takes risks in her own work. Clients engage Annemieke for complex, sensitive and cross-border matters because of her thorough approach, sensible attitude and strategic insight. Annemieke has an eye for detail as well as an eye for the big picture, she thinks ten steps ahead without losing sight of the here and now and finds nuances just as important as principles. She recognises problems and thinks in terms of solutions.