Wieke van Eekhout
Lawyer | Associate

Wieke is characterised by her unparalleled knowledge of her files. She believes that only lawyers who have truly got to grips with the matter can give short and concise advice. This is therefore the aim when issuing her advice; translating the complex playing field into pragmatic and workable solutions for her clients.

Clients commend Wieke for her clear arguments when it comes to litigating on professional liability cases, disciplinary matters or insurance issues. In an expedient manner, but always with her strong sense of integrity, Wieke goes for the best possible outcome in every case.

For both clients and colleagues, Wieke is a beacon of trust. When she works on a case, no stone is left unturned. Wieke is a true source of information and a reliable mainstay within the team.

Wieke understands better than anyone that taking decisions and formulating strategies should not only be based on short-term goals. The advice given by Wieke is therefore aimed at creating a solid foundation for future success, making Wieke a valuable partner for organisations striving for sustainable growth and development.