How can we assist you?

    Real Estate Development

    Van Doorne’s project development team has a lot of experience and its extensive multidisciplinary team of specialists offers solid support throughout the development phase.

    Changing legislation

    Particularly also due to changing legislation, site and project development demand a consultant who is fully familiar with the market and legislation. Also, successful project development requires an excellent cooperation between the various parties and the ability to anticipate efficiently. Legal keenness, creativity and knowledge of the market and market parties are essential in that respect.

    Market knowledge

    Our specialists know the market and market parties and are, therefore, able to optimise the collaboration between all project parties. Naturally, this is combined with an extensive and in-depth knowledge of the Real Estate & Construction industry.

    Project development life cycle

    We guide our clients during the project, from start to finish. We offer advice about all aspects, spatial planning and environmental aspects regarding development and construction, land allocation, division, the creation of the necessary real rights, the sale, completion and project funding, if necessary. Apart from advice, guidance and contracting, we can also litigate on your behalf if the situation requires it. This means you can contact us for any phase of the life cycle of property development.


    Our aim is to combine accessible and balanced legal advice and guidance with a high-quality service as ultimately, that will form the foundations for a permanent and long-term relationship between you and us.

    More information

    For more information about what Van Doorne can do for you, please get in touch with Annerie Ploumen.