Employee Participation Law
Companies have to deal with employee participation on a regular basis and in different situations. This could include a (European) works council, employee representative body or a staff meeting, which have a right to be informed, a right to be consulted and/or a right of consent. Van Doorne advises and assists companies and employee participation bodies and advises them on their rights and obligations.

National and international employee participation

A lot of companies have established a regular works council to bring about employee participation.  However, there might also be a joint, central or group works council, as well as a European one. Or, in certain organisations, employee participation bodies or client councils. The right advice and assistance in dealing with the employee participation body can make a huge difference in all these situations and can facilitate change processes in the company.

Our team of specialists helps companies to set up employee participation bodies and gives both practical and legal advice on how to deal with them. We also litigate on employee participation issues which may arise, for example, during mergers and/or acquisitions, when changing pension schemes and when a reorganisation occurs.

We also regularly advise works councils and other employee participation bodies, for example on their role or their right to be informed, right to be consulted and right of consent.

Integrated approach

In employee participation matters, we regularly collaborate with our colleagues who have other areas of expertise, like corporate law, banking & finance and pension law, ensuring an expeditious and integrated approach.