Construction Law
Whether real estate and construction is your core business or not, every company or institution will face construction issues sooner or later. At Van Doorne, we serve commissioning parties as well as contractors and consultants.

Traditional and innovative contracts

Boasting a broad and in-depth understanding of construction law, we have extensive knowledge of and experience with the still widely used traditional contracts, such as those based on the Uniform Administrative Conditions for the Execution of Works (Uniforme Administratieve Voorwaarden voor de uitvoering van werken; UAV) of 2012. We also frequently work with integrated contracts, such as design-and-build contracts, supplemented with maintenance where necessary. Many of these are governed by the UAV for integrated contracts, known as the ‘UAV-GC 2005’.

We also regularly apply other types of contract, such as construction team, supply chain collaboration and alliance, for our clients. The same goes for contracts concluded with consultants involved in construction projects, which may be based on The New Rules 2011 Legal relationship client-architect, engineer and consultant (De Nieuwe Regeling 2011 Rechtsverhouding opdrachtgever-architect, ingenieur en adviseur; DNR 2011).

All our efforts are aimed at preventing failure costs in a construction project to the greatest extent possible. Projects must be completed on time and on budget and must be of the right quality. The right kind of – tailor-made – contracts will help to achieve this.

From sketch design to defects liability period

Our involvement in construction projects is often long-term. We are usually involved from the very beginning and help determine the right contracting and tendering strategy. We draft the necessary contracts and advise on all legal aspects relevant to construction projects. We also assist our clients in cases where the commissioning party and the contractor or consultant end up in a dispute.

We assess your chances of success from a legal perspective and can help you reach a solution that is acceptable to all parties. If all else fails, we litigate on behalf of our clients in court or before the Arbitration Board for the Building Industry, for example.