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    Insolvency & Restructuring

    Sometimes, businesses face hard financial times. In such cases, fast and decisive action is required so as to safeguard continuity or to hold on to value and jobs. Van Doorne offers business owners and lenders advice about restructuring or insolvency proceedings.

    Restructuring or a restart

    Financial restructuring requires the cooperation of various stakeholders who often have completely different interests. The way in which that is handled will determine the success of a case. A good lawyer will make all the difference in that respect. We have years of experience with complex restructuring. Our team distinguishes itself through creativity and decisiveness. 

    In some cases, insolvency is unavoidable and then it’s important to retain as much value and as many jobs as possible. During the past few decades, our team has guided lenders and business owners through numerous insolvency proceedings. These resulted in either a compromise with creditors or a restart following bankruptcy proceedings.

    Insolvency and finance specialists

    The core of our team consists of insolvency and finance specialists. They all have a background in the financial transaction practice and, therefore, have a thorough knowledge of insolvency law and extensive experience with preparing documentation. This enables them to act fast and efficiently. The other team members specialise in procedural law (enforcement disputes) and property (enforcement and the acquisition and sale of immovable property).

    We have a loyal client portfolio of Dutch banks (special asset management departments), foreign banks and distressed debt investors. They appreciate us for our transparent advice and swift action.

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    If you need any advice about financial restructuring or insolvency proceedings, please contact Stefan van Rossum.