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    Finance & Restructuring

    Optimum financing often requires a mixture of several types of financing. It is a long time since traditional banks were the only providers out there. Funds are increasingly acting as direct lenders, as are leasing, factoring and alternative financing platforms. The finance and restructuring team specialises in finding and implementing the best possible mix. The team assists both lenders and borrowers.

    Proven track record

    The finance and restructuring team comprises specialists with many years of experience in structuring and negotiating complex financing and restructurings. They know the market, and the market knows them. They use their networks to bring parties together. 

    Real estate financing, corporate financing and semi-government financing

    The team has one of the largest practice groups in the field of real estate financing in the Netherlands. We also take a leading role in the field of financing semi-governmental bodies (hospitals and educational institutions). A third key area is corporate financing, which includes the financing of takeovers, investments and working capital.


    The team includes specialists in insolvency and restructuring. They advise on financial restructuring, either without insolvency proceedings or through relaunching the company as part of the insolvency. They do this for companies that are going through financial difficulties as well as for banks and other money lenders. In addition to this, they advise distressed debt investors and investors on restructuring.

    The team has an impressive track record. For example, they advised on the relaunch of Aluminium Delfzijl and Intertoys as part of the insolvency procedure.

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