Jan Leliveld
Loes Wilbrink
Advocaat | Senior Associate

Loes makes a difference for clients because of her background as in-house counsel at a large multinational company. As a result, she has an unerring understanding of the interests at play within organisations. This also enables her to give clients specific advice that gets straight to the point. Through her years of working experience in the areas of business conduct, (internal) investigations and ESG, Loes will always find a tailored solution that the client can take forward in practice.   

Clients rely on Loes’s expertise and integrity. She has an honest and transparent style of communication, making others feel at ease sharing their concerns and questions with her. Loes asks tough questions when this is necessary to move clients forward, but always does so with respect and understanding. Her dependability as a consultant stems from her dedication to helping others. People know they can count on Loes for honest and valuable advice.