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    Van Doorne has been working with and for insurers for years now. We know what you expect from your insured parties and what they can expect from you.

    Focus on insurance law

    We focus on the core of your product: is there any cover and how do you offer it? We are, for instance, involved in drawing up policy conditions, in formulating a decision on cover and consultations and disputes about cover. We will set up a defence for the parties insured and as the monitoring counsel, we facilitate between (defence counsels of) the parties insured and look at the options of recourse.

    National and international context

    We understand your relationship with the parties insured but we also look after your interests in the case of co-insurance. And thanks to Van Doorne’s presence in London, we can do this in both a national and international context. This reinforces our international network in the insurance market and it increases our knowledge of recent developments.

    Settling disputes

    When a dispute is unavoidable, we use our extensive experience with settling disputes: mediation, arbitration, the Enterprise Court at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal [Ondernemingskamer] and the Class Action (Financial Settlement) Act [Wet collectieve afwikkeling massaschade (Wcam)] are as familiar to us as regular proceedings.

    Our area of expertise covers virtually all kinds of insurance. Financial lines such as directors' and officers' liability, professional liability and fraud insurance form the core. Cyber and M&A-related insurance products are recent additions and our firm-wide expertise enables us to add significant value.

    More information

    For more information about what we can do for you as an insurer, please contact us without any obligation.

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