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    The influence of technology on the financial sector is immense. FinTech businesses shake up the financial sector. Established parties actively look to partner up with or even take over start-ups. Van Doorne has been assisting existing and starting FinTech businesses in all relevant fields for years now.

    Market access

    New market players develop new financial services, while established financial businesses create their own innovation programmes to take on the battle with innovative FinTechs. Accessing the market and launching new products and services go hand in hand with a lot of legal questions. One characteristic is that the current legislation in the field of financial supervision or privacy, for instance, is complex and often does not tie in with new innovative concepts.  


    Above all, FinTech is about collaboration. That can take on many forms such as joint ventures, financing or even complete takeovers. All these transactions are made in a regulated environment and they require a knowledge of several legal areas but particularly of the market.

    Full service

    By bundling various types of FinTech specialists in a single multidisciplinary team, we have opted for a unique market approach and proposition. Not only does this enable us to offer integrated solutions for our clients in this field, it also makes us an innovative party in the market. Our clients include banks, payment service providers and many parties involved in FinTech. Furthermore, we focus on payments (PayTech), insurance (InsurTech) and pensions (PensionTech).

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    For more information about how Van Doorne can assist you with FinTech-related issues and for examples of our services, please contact Louis Jonker.