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Van Doorne client Vitesse PSP B.V. licensed by DNB as payment institution
12 June 2019

We congratulate our client Vitesse PSP B.V. with obtaining a payment institution license from DNB, the Dutch Central Bank. With the Dutch license, Vitesse PSP can continue to provide payment services across Europe, also in case of a ‘hard Brexit’.

Jack Heij, managing director at Vitesse PSP B.V., says that he is looking forward to further expanding Vitesse’s business. Our parent company, Vitesse PSP Limited, was already licensed in the UK by the FCA as Electronic Money Institution. With both licenses we are now not dependent anymore on the outcome of the Brexit-consequences.

Arno Voerman, financial services partner at Van Doorne, is pleased to see that, other than recent media-attention might have suggested, obtaining a DNB-license is possible. “From this perspective, there is thus no reason to not consider the Netherlands as jurisdiction for your payments or FinTech company.”

Applying for a licence

“It was our pleasure assisting Vitesse PSP B.V. with its license application.” If you would like to discuss the possibilities of obtaining a Dutch license, please contact our Arno Voerman.