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Dutch Commercial Real Estate Investment and Development loan Termsheets
17 April 2019

This e-book is the result of a research project initiated by Van Doorne’s Real Estate and Real Estate Finance Department, whereby a large number of termsheets issued during 2018 and Q1 of 2019, offering investment or development financing for Dutch commercial real estate, were analysed.

It intends to provide concise general guidance with respect to terms on which Dutch investment or development property financing is available in the current market across the whole spectrum, from super senior to whole loans and mezzanine and high yield loans, and from smaller ticket sizes to mid-sized and larger (club and syndicated) loans.

In selecting the topics for this e-book, we have aimed to deal with the large majority of usual inhabitants of Dutch property and development loan termsheets, devoting specific attention to provisions that, from our experience, tend to give rise to more detailed discussions amongst lenders and borrowers.

Above all, this e-book is intended to be of practical use to those who, as part of their daily business or profession, have to draft or review Dutch commercial property or development loan termsheets, at a stage where we, the lawyers, may not yet have much involvement. A well-considered and negotiated termsheet saves time and costs (and possibly some frustration) at a later stage