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Onno Boerstra resigned as partner at Van Doorne
12 February 2024

Ffrom January 1, 2024, Onno Boerstra has stepped down as a partner at Van Doorne due to our maximum age limit. Onno has worked at Van Doorne for almost 40 years and we are extremely grateful to him for everything he has meant to our office. In recent years, Onno has developed a leading management consultancy practice. We are pleased to see that Onno continues that consultancy practice, in his own name and title. We will also work together on this topic in the future and look forward to it.

Onno’s contact details are as follows:

Onno Boerstra, Lawyer
Boerstra Management Advisory (BMA)
Jachthavenweg 121, 1081 KM Amsterdam
T: +31 6 53458016
E: contact@onnoboerstra.com
W: www.onnoboerstra.com

The Van Doorne team is happy to continue to assist you in the field of corporate / M&A. If you have any questions, please contact Friso Foppes.

Onno Boerstra resigned as partner at Van Doorne