Yasmin Picart
Diederik van Besouw
Lawyer | Senior Associate

Diederik acts for clients in disputes and (arbitration) proceedings with a high degree of complexity. With a keen eye for detail, Diederik is committed to his clients’ interests. Diederik is a driven and expert advocate.

In his day-to-day practice, Diederik is known for his impressive range of knowledge. He uses this to present the client’s case strongly and clearly. In doing so, he connects a clear main line with the relevant details. His detailed knowledge enables him to find information quickly and accurately and to see and make connections. He is a source of information and a reliable mainstay within the team.

Diederik combines his expertise with humour and a warm personality. This makes Diederik approachable. He always tries to resolve a dispute as quickly and efficiently as possible, without unnecessary escalation.